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New Article: Integrate the Payment Gateway with PHP

It is our pleasure to announce our first article aimed directly at web developers. Integrate the Payment Gateway with PHP walks developers through the process of identifying the steps of an online credit card process both from a programmatic point of view as well as a technical point of view (from web page to processor and back again). It then explains how credit card related data should be validated before being used for payment.

The heart of the article lies in the PHP code that is developed along the way. A class is created that handles everything from sending the data to the API to receiving and handling the response. The client side code can be as little a just a few lines of code to successfully process a transaction. Because the code is designed to be modular it can be easily reused in any web application without having to rewrite any portion of it.

So check out Integrate the Payment Gateway with PHP and let us know what you think.

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