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Integrate the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway with PHP
by Jim Conners (10 Pages) Rating: 10.0
Integrate the Authorize.Net payment gateway seamlessly into your ecommerce website

"Authorize.Net® is unquestionably the most popular payment gateway in use today. In fact, it is synonymous with ecommerce and is often confused as a payment processor. Its vast popularity with shopping carts, it is integrated with every major and minor shopping cart available, make it a natural choice for merchants wishing to begin processing sales online."

Merchant Account Comparison
by Jim Conners (4 Pages) Rating: 10.0
Determine which merchant account is best for your business

"In the early stages of launching an online store a decision needs to be made: how will customers' payments be processed? This needs to be determined before the site is developed as different payment options may require radically different forms of implementation. But how do you choose?"

Visa's CISP Data Security Standard Explained
by Jim Conners (1 Pages) Rating: 10.0
Store credit card information securely and intelligently

"Anyone reading the news will have noticed the increasing coverage privacy issues have garnered over the last few years. Amongst some of the more frequent incidents are large scale thefts of consumer data including their credit card information. To help prevent thefts of this sort, Visa has created a standard by which any merchant wishing to store merchant credit card data must abide."

The Ecommerce Website Preparedness Checklist
by Emerson Law (2 Pages) Rating: 10.0
Ensure Your New Ecommerce Website Is Ready To Accept Credit Cards Online

"Building and running an online store entails much more then getting a shopping cart, throwing in some products, and telling your friends and family to come by and make a purchase. But there is so much more involved and it is these finer details that can make or break an online store before it even launches."

Six Payment Gateways Reviewed
by Jim Conners (6 Pages) Rating: 10.0
Offerings from, Verisign, Plug 'n Pay, and LinkPoint are compared.

"One of the most important decisions you'll face is to choose a gateway to handle your credit card payments. The well-known may spring to mind, but is it really the best option for your business?"

3-D Secure Payer Authentication
by Rick Lynch (2 Pages) Rating: 10.0
Learn more about Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

"Payer Authentication is the newest and most powerful tool available to ecommerce merchants today. Payer Authentication provides merchants with the electronic equivalent of a signed sales receipt. Under the umbrella of Visa's 3-D Secure initiative, internet merchants can participate in Payer Authentication."

The Chargeback Challenge
by Jim Conners (3 Pages) Rating: 10.0
The Ultimate guide to avoiding and handling chargebacks.

"Nobody goes into business to lose money. You work hard for every penny, and every penny counts. To have that taken away from you months after a sale was completed is not only bad for business but extremely frustrating. Too many chargebacks usually spells doom for an online merchant."